Like Apples on Trees

Like Apples on Trees

Client: DOC

Studio: Daylight

Script: Toby Morris

Year: 2023

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Short comic for DOC outlining Aotearoa's Predator Free 2050 Goal.

DOC has set an ambitious plan to eradicate three invasive predators (stoats, rats, and possums) from Aotearoa by 2050. In an effort to educate the wider public about this campaign, they partnered with Daylight to craft a concise online comic that outlines their vision.

The script was researched and written by Toby Morris, who broke down the narrative into 16 panels. I then worked to sketch up each of the panels for client sign off, before progressing to final art and animated embellishments. The comic delved into various aspects, including emerging technologies, the grassroots communities driving these initiatives, the progress made so far, and the compelling reasons for immediate action. My objective was to infuse the artwork with light and texture, creating a hopeful and emotionally resonant portrayal of a potential future.

To enhance the comic's impact, we selected five key panels for animation. These animations incorporated subtle elements like gently flickering beams of light, adding layers of depth and dimension to the images, further immersing the audience in the narrative.

The comic was published online at The Spinoff, and across the social media channels of DOC, Preditor Free Wellington and The Spinoff

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