One Day Video

Client: One Day Video

Year: 2021 - 2023

Playful brand and characters for Auckland’s most boisterous video production company.

In early 2021, One Day Video decided to overhaul their brand. They felt their original branding didn’t effectively communicate their personalities and tone of their work. They wanted visuals that would be playful, bold, creative and a bit odd at times. 

Over the next six months I worked with the team to settle on a new look and feel for the brand, which came to centre around a simple geometric logo, which used three shapes to create a stylised wordmark. The primary logo incorporates an orbiting sun and moon as a nod to their 24 hour video production turnover abilities. The three shapes from the logo then formed the building blocks of the larger brand, allowing infinite experimentation and play.

Possibly the most fun and iconic part of the developed brand was the creation of the animated ODV characters, who can be found scattered throughout the website. Each character is built from the ODV brand shapes, with simple linework details, and supplied to ODV as an animated lottie file.

Final outputs for the ODV brand have included logo variations, extensive brand guidelines, business cards, social media templates, icon suite, character designs, animated process timelines, website designs, and lottie animations.

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