NZ flora and fauna illustrations for tree-planting charity.

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Years: 2018 - 2019

Project Managed By: Me&Eye

Since early 2018, I’ve been producing ongoing illustration work for Trees That Count, a local conservation charity focussed on restoring the vitality of New Zealand’s native forests. The illustrations focus around native trees, birds and insects of Aotearoa. For the project, I've been working with art director and designer for Trees That Count, Margie Duignan.

Originally the illustrations had a sharp vector look—the first body of work needed to be produced with a minimal turnaround time, so this look meant that small elements like leaves could be replicated without looking incorrect. As the lead in time for projects increased we were able to take time to develop a style that uses a black stroke, combined with layers of colours to create bold vector images that have a hand drawn appearance. The lines of the images rarely meet, giving breathing room to the illustrations, making them feel lighter, and giving everything a distinct but unique look.

To date, illustrations have been used across the Trees That Count website, social media and marketing, growth charts (pictured), merchandise and a series of playing cards.

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