MVEC Website Banners

MVEC Website Banners

Client: MVEC

Studio: Daylight

Creative Director: Charlie Godinet

Year: 2021

Illustrated website banners for the Melbourne Vaccine Education Centre.

In late 2021 the Melbourne Vaccine Education Centre released a number of articles aiming to better inform the general public about a wide range of immunisation topics. To accompany the articles, they needed a suite of eye-catching, illustrated banners.

Because the articles were aimed at a non-scientific audience, the tone of the artworks needed to be fun and approachable, with a diverse range of characters. Topics focused on vaccine development, as well as immunisation for particular subsets of the population, including babies, elderly, the immunocompromised, pregnant and breastfeeding women, etc. In total, ten banners were created, and then reworked into square versions. A small suite of icons were also created.

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