Send It Safely

Client: Red Frogs NZ

Studio: Daylight

Creative Director: Charlie Godinet

Art Director: Tyla Rose

Design Director: Billy Baxter

Faux festival posters to raise awareness for Red Frogs youth support program

Red Frogs are an organisation that support young people by providing safe spaces at festivals and events. To promote the fantastic work they do, the creative team at daylight launched the Send It Safely marketing campaign. A series of posters were created to encourage young people to seek out Red Frogs volunteers when they run into trouble, with each poster highlighting different situations that the organisation can assist with, such as substance / alcohol abuse, bad trips, stalkers, mental unease. Each poster was copywritten and paired with a particular art style before being passed to an illustrator or designer to produce the artwork. Two of the series that I created art for were the Mates In A State and Creepy Stranger posters, which were dotted around New Zealand throughout the summer of 23/24.

The Mates in A State poster was inspired by a neo-psychedelic art style, featuring a range of out-of-this world characters supporting their friends in various ways. For this poster I created the illustrations, headline lettering and the type, which involved creating a quick custom font that would match the headline lettering. I used True Grit Texture Shaders to create grainy, bright gradients and set the poster against a psychedelic, marbled background.

The Creepy Stranger poster was inspired by metal gig posters, with a limited colour palette and grungy photocopier textured overlaid. I created the custom black-metal inspired lettering for the headline and subheadline, with Billy Baxter setting the remaining type. I created the supporting illustration using True Grit pressure shaders, and produced an additional four faux logos to run along the bottom of the poster.

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