The History of Misinformation

The History of Misinformation

Client: Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet

Studio: Daylight

Creative Director: Charlie Godinet

Copywriter: Bel Hawkins

Animation: Chris Callus

Year: 2021

Illustrated assets for a short animation delving into the topic of misinformation  

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the DPMC approached Daylight to produce a short video to help communicate the growing problem of misinformation. The video needed to speak to vulnerable audiences in a playful tone, without seeming too overwhelming or serious. The concept of setting the video in a fictional museum was chosen to allow us to approach the topic with a degree of humour and satire, and to examine misinformation with an objective, scientific lens.

A script was written and passed on for me to storyboard, and to develop early style frames. A unique illustration style was created for the world, with fun, flat-colour, vector shapes to ensure that the scenes were as easy to animate as possible. A range of textures were then overlaid to create depth within the frames.

The video featured a family of five, which each needed to be created in three different angles—front, back and side profile. Each character needed to be created in different pieces to allow Chris to rig up the characters for animation. A wide range of colourful museum scenes were also created, with sequences that animated within several of the museum artefacts, such as an Egyptian frieze, greek vases and tapa cloth.

View the final animation here.

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