The Spinoff Death Week

The Spinoff Death Week

Client: The Spinoff / AA Life Insurance

Studio: Daylight

Creative Director: Charlie Godinet

Art Director: Mel Fiolitakis

Year: 2023

Tarot-inspired illustration suite for The Spinoff's week long exploration of life's inevitable end.

In August 2023, Aotearoa news website The Spinoff dedicated one week to articles around death. The team at Daylight was tasked with creating a visual style, and collateral for the week that spanned out of home and digital marketing, and social media.

I created three marketing illustrations to accompany three headlines for use across marketing channels. Additionally, I created a hand-lettered lockup and headlines, and a suite of additional illustrated frames and assets to be used across editorial imagery. The artwork was an homage to classic tarot decks, with bold colours pulled from the Spinoff's brand guidelines. Each artwork went through a process of misaligning CMYK separations in photoshop, with subtle textures also added to make the artworks feel as though they had been offset printed.

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