Wise Boys

Client: Wise Boys

Website: wiseboys.nz

Year: 2018 - 2023

A fresh look for Wise Boys, Auckland’s favourite purveyors of vegan burgers and sauces.

When Tim and Luke from Wise Boys were planning their first brick-and-mortar store, they got in touch for a new, playful brand for their range of vegan burgers and condiments. The Wise Boys food truck had been winning the hearts and stomachs of Aucklanders for years, but with their expansion, they needed a new look and feel that would take the brand forward.

The first stages of Wise Boys brand design involved the development of the iconic hand drawn logo, with a wide range of supplementary graphic assets, a custom wise boys font and re-configurable 3D lettering. I also produced environmental graphics for the new Wise Boys takeaway restaurant, social media assets, Wise Boys merchandise, website layouts, menus, and new labels for the Wise Boys range of 100% vegan Mayo and Aioli.

In 2020 Wise Boys opened their second location at Commercial Bay in downtown Auckland, which involved the design of a new suite of environmental graphics, as well as online ordering screens. Subsequent years would see more packaging designs for the release of four new products in their mayo range, and eventually, in 2022 two new product lines: salad dressings and frozen burger patties.

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