Finding Purpose

Finding Purpose

Illustrations for Clearhead’s new youth focused mental wellbeing adventure.

In early 2023, Clearhead released Finding Purpose, an interactive online tool for young people to become more in tune with their wellbeing. Themed as a fantasy adventure, I was brought on to create a series of imagery to help bring the narrative to life.

The Clearhead team were keen for the illustrations to strike a specific tone that was in keeping with the fantasy theme without feeling too dark, and making sure that it was accessible to any young person.

The story unfolded across four locations, each requiring multiple variations on two to three illustrated scenes. At each location the user is prompted to undertake an exercise in self reflection, before earning an item as a reward. Outputs for the project included the illustrations for each of the four locations (to which I added subtle animations), item illustrations, an illustrated map of the fantasy world, as well as an introduction scene, and character design for the guide avatar.

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