Forest of Opportunity

Forest of Opportunity

Client: Spark Foundation

Studio: Daylight

Creative Director: Charlie Godinet

Copywriter: Chelsea Knowles

Animation Assistance: Jade Paynter

Year: 2023

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Emotive animations of our native ngahere to educate Aotearoa around the issue of digital inequity.

Spark Foundation partnered with the team at daylight to tackle the pressing issue of digital inequity in Aotearoa. Recognising that one in five people faced this problem, they aimed to create powerful messaging that would educate the public and emphasise the importance of digital wellbeing. To convey their narrative effectively, daylight used a metaphor of a native kauri forest, with the roots of the trees symbolising the hidden factors crucial to digital wellbeing. By uniting and ensuring equal opportunities for all, they envisioned building a flourishing digital ecosystem.

The Forest of Opportunity project commenced with the creation of a visually stunning and emotionally resonant presentation, designed to encourage donations. Guided by a script from copywriter Chelsea Knowles, I began sketching the 16 scenes. Once approved, I proceeded to illustrate and animate the final art. Drawing inspiration from impressionist paintings, I employed loose brushstrokes and emphasized light to evoke an emotional response. This art style not only enhanced the content's impact but also facilitated efficient production, with its suitability for frame-by-frame animations. The illustration process spanned approximately one month and involved over 200,000 brush strokes.

In addition to the presentation, a standalone four-minute video version and a 60-second cutdown were created to educate a wider audience. These adaptations involved collaborating with animator Jade Paynter, who incorporated additional scenes and restructured existing ones to align with the new format and purpose.

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