Spinoff Covered

Spinoff Covered

Client: The Spinoff

Studio: Daylight

Creative Director: Charlie Godinet

Art Direction: Ben Davidson

Graphic Design: Lauren Stewart

Year: 2022

The covers for The Spinoff, if The Spinoff had covers…

In 2022, the team at daylight embarked on the project of imagining what the covers for The Spinoff would be, if the media site was a physical magazine. The 12 covers would then form a marketing campaign. A range of artists were approached to create the covers, which represented 12 iconic Spinoff stories from the year, and spanned a range of creative mediums. I was tasked with illustrating three of the twelve covers, each in a style that was distinct from the others.

The first cover was for the story Life on the Ledge, which looked at a radio marketing stunt from the 1990s which saw 12 contestants live on a billboard for several months as part of a competition. The resulting artwork had a nostalgic, textural, airbrushed style, created using a customised procreate brush.

The second cover was for the story The Rise and Fall of the Footrot Flats Theme Park, which chronicled the short lived Footrot Flats theme park on the Te Atatū peninsula. The style for this cover was an homage to the late Murray Ball, trying to emulate the ink style and washes of colour from the original Footrot Flats comics.

The final cover was for the story The Crown Lynn Craze which was a deep dive into the rising popularity and price of Crown Lynn ceramics. For this artwork I used a set of soft digital airbrushes to emulate three dimensional shading, with the addition of a soft, ceramic crazing texture in the background.

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