Policy Local 2022

Policy Local 2022

Client: PolicyNZ

Website: www.policy.nz/2022

Year: 2022

Website and marketing illustrations for Aotearoa’s complete guide to the 2022 Local Elections. 

PolicyNZ provides New Zealanders with a bias-free rundown on the policies of political candidates during the leadup to elections. Having worked with them on two previous iterations of their online tool, I was thrilled to provide illustrations for Policy Local in 2022.

The illustrations needed to strike a tone that distinctly felt like Aotearoa, without any references to any specific places. The style that was developed featured loose, textural linework, with fairly close adherence to the established Policy NZ brand and web design colours. With Policy NZ being largely a passion project for the team of politics enthusiasts, a large factor in the developed style was that it needed to be quick to produce in order to work within the parameters of limited timeframes and budgets. 

The resulting illustrations were fun to produce, with hidden easter eggs and details added wherever possible. The illustration suite centred around one hero artwork which featured a diverse range of New Zealanders lining up to cast a vote in the local election, with overwhelming political adverts looming overhead. Supporting illustrations included eleven topic images, as well as reworking a number of illustrations that I’d produced for the 2020 Policy NZ tool.

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