Re-brand for the seventh season of Silo Park activity.

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Years: 2017 - 2019

Project Managed By: Fresh Concept

For the seventh season of activity at Auckland’s favourite inner-city space, a brand refresh was undertaken to bring together a more-diverse offering than ever before. Maintaining the original logo, the rest of the brand was redeveloped around a new, colourful illustration of the area.

The first six years of activities at the space were aimed at a millennial crowd, but as the space shifted to become a beloved destination for all of Auckland, the focus began to shift towards being inclusive of all age groups and cultures. For the seventh season, the team decided to fully embrace this new way of thinking—choosing to programme events and films that would bring enjoyment everyone. They felt that a rebrand would be necessary to represent this new and improved offering.

The programming for the park revolves around the physical place. With this in mind, I decided  it would be fitting for the brand development to begin with a graphic rendering of the space. I produced different versions of the illustration with alternative colour schemes and these were refined through a series of workshopping with the key stakeholders. After testing a number of different typographic systems we decided on a look that integrated coloured text blocks over shifting crops of the base illustration. This was chosen because it was bold and easy to read over many different outputs but it also allowed a large amount of content to be produced quickly—which was important given the fast paced nature of the environment. Throughout these initial processes, I worked with designer/strategist Clem Devine, who encouraged the project to become something bold and playful.

Outputs for the brand refresh included an overhaul of the original Silo Park visual system, a new website, onsite signage, animated cinema slides, print and social media content, and a range of visuals for one-off events and initiatives throughout the season.

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