Communtiy Newsletter for the AUT Student Voice

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Collaborator: Eden Short

The Student Voice was a student-led group formed under the School of Art and Design at AUT. Led by Alistair McCready, the group wanted to create a thriving student focussed community within the design school, where knowledge could be shared, needs could be advocated for, and barriers with the wider design industry could be broken down.

The Print Error newsletter was conceived and created as a collaboration between Eden Short and myself, as a form of student-to-student communication. With a consistent grid and logo that we created, the role of editor changed for each issue. Each fortnight, the editor would choose a feature typeface in which they would set the newsletter. They would also commission artwork and writing from design students.

Over the 13 issues, the newsletter featured contributions from Alistair McCready, Chris Hutchinson, Cynatra Major, Elliot Ferguson, Isabelle Binz, Jaewoo Park, Jenna Baydee, Kelly Pochyba, Kerryn Smith, Kyle Ranudo, Liz McCready, Luca Russo, Luke Scott, Hugo Christian-Slane, Megan Au, Rob Lewis, Ross Jacobs, Pauli de Beer, Shannon Doige, Tim van Eyssen, Toni Gill, Vinnie Bi.

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