Illustration series for online NZ Local Body election tool.

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Year: 2019

Client: Policy Local

Policy Local is an online tool, developed for the 2019 Local Body elections. With over 3000 candidates running across 500 individual elections across the country, the website was developed to make it easy to understand where candidates stand on a range of issues. The website collates all information about the  policies of all candidates in a user's area.  

The main requirement from the client for the series was that all illustrations needed to strike a tone that was distinctly 'New Zealand' but without making any reference to any particular region or location. I chose to portray scenes from everyday life which I felt would resonate well with an audience to include a diverse range of kiwis going about their business. I also made the choice to avoid illustrating any real or fictional candidates, as I didn't want the drawings to be prescriptive of what kind of person could or couldn't be elected.

After producing a number of stylistic concepts to present to the clients we ended up progressing with a style that would strike a balance between realism, and colourful abstraction. We also chose a style that would be relatively quick to execute, as the project turnaround was only a few weeks. In total, I was commissioned to produce a total of seven illustrations for the website, as well as a hand lettered title for the home page.

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