Crafty clubhouse and co-working space in Grey Lynn, Auckland.

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Years: 2016 - 2018

Collaborators: Lauren Maree Stewart & Eden Short

Photos by Becki Moss

In 2016 we opened final_final, a cosy creative workspace, located in a former corner store in suburban Grey Lynn, Auckland.

Over the next two years, we used the space as a base for our personal, freelance and collaborative projects. The studio also served as a venue for small scale creative community events. These included internally organised events, e.g. Tiny Markets, Riso Ride, Games Nights, Sip & Swap and Productive Sundays as well as external events such as Embroidery workshops and exhibitions. In addition to the three founding members, the studio saw a rotating cast of studio mates who used the studio as a base for their creative practices.

At the heart of final_final was our GR3770 Risograph Printer which we used for personal and commercial printing.

In June 2018, with the three core studio members moving out of Grey Lynn, we closed up the studio to focus on other projects.

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