Auckland-Based platform, selling zines on behalf of makers.

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Years: 2015 - 2018

Collaborators: Lauren Maree Stewart & Eden Short

Dryden Street was an Auckland-Based zine distro operated by Eden Short, Lauren Maree Stewart and myself, from 2014 to 2018. As a progression of the AUT Zine Club, formed by Eden Short and myself during our postgraduate study at AUT, the Distro offered a platform for zinemakers to sell their zines online and offline. Over the course of three years, over 40 self published publications by 14 zinemakers were added to our catalogue. The Distro was represented at Zinefests and markets across Auckland, Wellington, Tauranga and Hamilton.

Zines pictured: Design School by Josh Griggs, You're a Witch Bitch 2 by Alice Bush, Magic Mustard by Magic Mustard, Sock Review 2 by Rachel Lynch, The Girl I Used to Be by Eden Short, Things I Learnt at Design School by Eden Short, Tummy Troubles by Tim Marsh and Tandem Tandem by myself.

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