Bright Nights Workshops

Illuminated Workshops for the 2019 Bright Nights Festival.

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Year: 2019

Client: Viaduct Harbour

Collaborators: Angus Muir Design, Eden Short, Lauren Stewart

Bright Nigths is an annual lighting festival, showcasing large scale illuminated and interactive installations by locals and international artists. Held in May 2019, Bright Nights attracted tens of thousands to the Auckland viaduct. As part of the Bright Nights offering, the Crafty Crew worked closely with festival organiser Angus Muir to deliver five nights of workshops for kids and adults alike. Using bottles reclaimed out of the viaduct harbour, and other reused materials, participants created their own hanging LED chandeliers. which were added to the ever-growing installation. The workshops was overwhelmingly successful with between 200 and 600 participants each night, and tens of thousands of observers snapping pictures with the installation.

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