Group Exhibition and Trading Card Game for Auckland Art Week 2017.

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Year: 2017

In 2017, the Paper Assassins illustration collective assembled for an exhibition as part of Auckland Art Week.

For the exhibition, I created a trading card game, with thirty original, collectible characters and ten power-up cards. The game mechanics play similarly to many Trading Card Games, with a focus on simplification of gameplay, and a few new mechanics to give just the right amount of strategic agency to players, without being overwhelmed with rules. Cards were randomly packaged into over 50 booster packs of ten cards each. All packs came with a set of game rules.
The exhibition also included an A2 Poster of one of the rare Characters, Atomic Amazon. Other exhibitors included Toby Morris, Rebecca ter Borg, Sophie Watson, Pablo Espinosa , Amane & Me, Colleen Pugh andCallum Rooney

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